Less Fingers - Less Confusion

All you need to pick your nose is one finger, so we figured that’s all you should need to play games as well.

We want Circus Life to be as accessible as possible for people of all ages and “gamer experience” or lack thereof. To do that, our main focus has been to make it very easy to control.

Let’s play a game.

Shake your head “yes” and then turn your head “no.”  Shrug your shoulders up and down. Now shrug your shoulders up and down while alternating between nodding yes and turning head no.

It’s not that easy, is it? The more means of input you have, the greater the risk of confusion, and vice versa.


Very early on, I decided we weren’t going to use multi-touch, gyro or other methods that would risk confusing the player. Thanks to that decision happening early on, everything has been built with this in mind.

Whenever I show the game to someone who hasn’t played it before and hand them the phone to try it out, the first thing they do is touch the screen (duh!). Once that’s done, the game reacts, and the player learns that using a finger to tap or swipe makes things happen in the game. Players don’t need to keep experimenting to figure out how the gameplay mechanics work, because it comes naturally right away.

All gameplay in Circus Life can be controlled with only your index finger. Or your nose if you prefer. I’d recommend a finger, though.