Lucky Number 7

Three and Seven are considered magical and lucky numbers. Third time’s the charm and the Seven Dwarfs for example. Speaking of dwarfs, I wonder if Mr. Putt would get along well with Grumpy, Sneezy and the guys? Anyway… And as we all know, no good comes from Thirteen. Except for Antonio Banderas in that movie. Sorry, I digress…

This all came about from me wanting to discuss the number seven. From playing other smaller games, talking to people and having people test our game we reached the conclusion that the amount of time playing Circus Life always land at around seven minutes.

Less didn’t feel like you invested enough in a “proper play” and more starts to feel a bit tedious after a while. Seven and thereabout is within the realm of it being a light weight but you can still muster enough energy to try again if you think you can do better.


The ways we can control this as a developer are many. Of course we can just change the pace of everything in the entire game, but one should never do that. You’d lose all the balancing of making everything feel “just right”. The most common way is with adjusting the difficulty. How long does it take until it starts getting tougher? How much tougher does it get and is a constant increase or do you implement difficulty “spikes” at time X, Y and Z?

We’ve got many tools at our disposal and until we’re absolutely happy with the result, we’ll make sure to turn all the knobs