What is success?

There are games that many people say are really bad, but still make a lot of money for the developer. There are critically acclaimed games that no one buys. What determines if a product, in this case a game, is successful?

I don’t think there is a single answer. Rather, there are different forms of success, and which you prefer is up to you. Although, admittedly, the ones that actually pay back the cost of development have a special place in my heart wallet.


This one is pretty straightforward. Everything you make costs something (even if it’s “just” time), and if it’s a commercial product, the intent is to make money. If it gives you more money back than you spent making it, that’s good. If you make a lot more, that’s a success!


So maybe no one thinks it’s a 10/10, yet a lot of people play it. There are plenty of games out there that are just good enough. If a game is accessible and attractive enough to get people to keep playing, and if there’s a price attached, it could lead to a financial success. Even if it doesn’t, it helps get your name out there.


Sometimes you strike a home run and create something people love! Again, this doesn’t automatically lead to sales, but it will at the very least make you feel good! You want your name associated with high quality and if you’re a creative person, you want your result to be as good as possible, right?

It’s unfortunate to see amazing things not get the attention they deserve, but it happens quite often.

With Dolce Vita, we’re making a so-called “freemium” game and we’re pushing to the extreme of the free part. This could potentially make the game very successful in regards of “reach” with a lot of downloads, but not very successful in terms of money. However, if we have to choose one or the other we would rather have a game that a lot of people play -- even if they don't pay.

We are building our own future here, and hopefully when people think Dolce Vita, they’ll think of people who make fun games. If players just so happen to make it possible for us to make another one – well, that’s just great!

You’ll do your part, right?