We don't want to waste your time

“Time is money.” This is what we hear from childhood and onwards. Without going into a discussion about economic theories, I can say that there’s some truth to it in all aspects of life, even gaming.

Your time is precious. I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to play a high-score-based game, like for example Tetris, and reach Game Over after a long play session that ALMOST beat my high score. All of a sudden, the time spent playing feels wasted. Sure, it was fun playing, and hopefully I improved my skill a bit, but I don’t have anything tangible to show for it.

That won’t be an issue in Circus Life. Every time you play, even if you do so-so (or even if you do badly!), you still get points that act as currency. Imagine getting “gold” every time you play. The more the better, of course, but even a sucky run that only lasts 30 seconds will give you something.

We value your time and the time you spend with us.

We’ve designed the game so there’s always a reason to play, even if you can’t give it your all at the moment (maybe you’re getting off the bus soon?) or can’t commit to playing several times over to get that perfect score.

In game dev this is called a “persistent layer.” It can range from something very straightforward, like what we’re using, to something complex with character levels and statistics. We’ve chosen a simpler model because we want our game to be easily understood by everyone.

So what do you get by using the points, you ask? You’ll just have to play to find out!