Dolce Vita Games is proud to present our debut game - Circus Life! Why will you love this game?


Created by a real-life circus performer, Circus Life is the first of several planned games from new gaming studio Dolce Vita. With art and a story dripping with nostalgia Circus Life takes players back to the Circus of old - before clowns, cotton candy and Barnum & Bailey. A whimsical, slightly bawdy take on day-to-day circus chores, Circus Life tells the tale of a dwarf who joins the circus hoping to become a star and win a beautiful circus wife.

Circus Life combines simple and elegant mechanics with increasingly challenging gameplay and satisfying, tactile controls. Players will dive right in, strategically collecting falling balloons, gathering fast-rolling animal droppings, delivering food to hungry animals and popping high-flying popcorn, all while avoiding hazardous obstacles that threaten to derail their progress.



The main character in the game is a sad little man only known as Mr. Putt. He lived in a sad little town in middle America. His life was literally black and white. He wanted to be noticed, but not for his small stature... Mr. Putt is indeed a brave little man with a big heart.

Then one day the circus arrived in his sad little town. "Finally!" He thought to himself. "I can be somebody special!" He was instantly attracted to the magical life of a circus performer as well as the beautiful perfectly-sized woman on the circus poster... Miss Lilli.   

But before he can rise to fame as a performer, he must appease an evil circus director who will force him to do sundry tasks around the circus: collecting balloons, gathering poop, feeding the animals and making popcorn, all while dodging poisonous obstacles and trying to impress his would-be bride. 

Mr. Putt is a hard worker and his determination is bigger than his ego. Things seems to go pretty well at first as he is quickly promoted within the circus -- and more importantly, noticed by Miss Lilli. He brings her flowers and off course, one of his favorite balloons.


However, the evil Circus Director is very protective of Miss Lilli. She is the main attraction of his circus and the Circus Director is jealous of Mr. Putt. Suddenly Mr. Putt's life becomes very difficult at the circus.   


Collecting droppings from all the animals in the circus is only the beginning. The Circus Director will do everything he can to sabotage our little friend. Gameplay is designed to create a sense of urgency that is consistent with the story. Each of the levels in the game are built around the idea of unlimited play. The longer you stay alive the better your chances are to beat your high-score. But there is more.

Every time you play there is an element of risk and reward that you have to consider. For example, in the balloon collection level you have to avoid the black bomb balloons that the Circus Director throws at you. If you touch the bomb you die. But, if you can push another balloon into the black bomb balloon and it somehow falls into the collector you can earn a 100 times bonus! It is difficult (and risky) but worth it if you can pull it off.  


It may seem like a promotion for Mr. Putt when he advances from collecting poop to feeding the animals, but the evil Circus Director is watching you. He throws bombs into the mix and you have to watch out!

 Earn a 100 times reward if you can time it just right and throw the bonus item into the correct box. Instant death follows if you miss. As the game progresses the speed of the food increases dramatically.


Shopping for consumable power-ups!

Shopping for consumable power-ups!

Circus Life is free to play and we designed the game to let you discover everything in the game just by playing. Also, each round you play, even if you didn't get a new best score, counts towards unlocking new and exciting content in the game.

If you are impatient and want to experience the progress in the story more rapidly, then you can purchase extra points to help you advance quicker. You can also buy some power-ups that will give you a boost.  


Playing Circus Life is a lot of fun, but it is also dangerous...

Playing Circus Life is a lot of fun, but it is also dangerous...

Our game is launching soon on the App Store for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. Please download it and take it for a spin. We think you will love it! We had a ton of fun making this game and still get lost in the addictive gameplay when we play the game for the 1,001 time to test the game for bugs. It is a lot of fun!