FAQ section for Circus Life

How do I skip the story sections in the game?

Well, we worked really hard on making an adorable story with interesting characters and surprising twists and turns, but if you desperately want to skip them to get to the fun gameplay faster then just touch the screen during a story sequence and a fast forward icon pops up on the next page. Then tap the fast forward icon to skip the rest of the story. (P.S. There is an achievement for players who finish the game AND watch all the story pages... Just saying.  

How do I get the 100 points Black Balloon bonus? 

This is a bit tricky, but a lot of fun! We designed it to be a risk vs reward gameplay element. You can not touch the black balloons. If you touch it the game is immediately over and you will be very sad. The only way you can push the black balloon into the magic tract is to swipe at a colored balloon and make it bounce into a black balloon. They will collide with each other and if you are lucky / good the black balloon will bounce into the tract and give you 100 big ones -- every time! There is also an achievement for putting five black balloons into the tract during one round.

The one green balloon achievement is impossible! How do I do it? 

This is perhaps one of the most difficult achievements in the game. You can not put any other colored balloons into the tract before you put a green one in, so that means that you have to first of all keep all balloons from popping at the bottom of the screen while waiting for a black balloon. This can be very difficult, so may have to cheat a bit by pausing the game and then returning. After you push a black balloon into the tract it is just a matter of time before the first green balloon appears.