Why Dolce Vita Games?

Dolce Vita Games is a boutique developer of mobile games with an interesting twist to the mobile gaming trend. First and foremost: the life experiences of Founder and CEO Irina Vaganova are unique and unusual.

Irina Vaganova, Creative Director at Dolce Vita Games.

Irina Vaganova, Creative Director at Dolce Vita Games.

Both of Irina’s parents were circus performers, and she grew up in the setting of her first game, highlighted by her original performances as a contortionist with her sister and an “audience plant.” Irina became a renowned contortionist, working with world famous Russian Circus, and participated in a variety of circus roles including the trapeze, horses, and contortionist duets with her sister.

 She also grew up playing video games, starting out with early casual games before graduating to classics – Final Fantasy 9 is her favorite game of all time, showing her true passion for gaming.

By combining her love of the circus and gaming, Irina has spearheaded the creation of a new game studio and mobile game set in the fun, chaotic, fantastical setting of the circus.

“Many kids dream of going to the circus, but very few get to live in it,” Irina said. “I designed the game to capture the magical feeling of being behind the scenes–to bring the thrill and triumph beyond the tent and into players’ hands.”

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